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Building Your Personal Brand

Taking the first steps to begin building your personal brand can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help get you started:


Identify your Aptitudes

Everyone has gifts and strengths; the key is finding yours. What is your passion? In what area(s) do you excel? What is “your thing” - the thing that you wish to have attached to your name? If you find you are having trouble, ask people whom you respect what they deem to be your greatest asset.

The public enjoys someone with whom they are able to identify. What are some of the unique things that define you? This can be as simple as your interest in health food, or as obscure as your participation in competitive Chessboxing. Connecting with the public is incredibly important as you proliferate your brand.  


Build Yourself ~ Build your Brand

Consistently making advancements in your area of interest means that you are not only developing yourself, but you are modeling an individual perpetually striving for more. Doing this will draw public interest. Successful people are constantly looking to improve themselves. Stagnation is highly counterproductive for anyone who wishes to enhance their personal brand.


Share, Share, Share!

Place yourself in mass-circulation! This can be done by uploading plenty of online content. Whether it be photos, videos, tweets, or any other medium, the priority is getting your name out there. The more you pop up (either by post or word of mouth) the greater your chances of reaching a broader audience. This expansion is vital for continued growth and visibility. Keep sharing media/written content of you doing your thing along with promoting all the qualities that make you unique and relatable.


Evaluate and Re-Evaluate

Which of your posts have received positive feedback, i.e. more likes/positive comments/shares? Which have received negative feedback? Why? By taking time to analyze how each facet of your online presence is perceived, you can better assess in which direction you need to be pushing your personal brand.


Keeping all that in mind, getting started begins with you... Identifying, Building, Sharing, and Evaluating. FL+G is here to help the process and to provide the additional assistance needed to promote the optimal version of yourself. Reach out today and let us help you build your personal brand!



Personal Branding - What We Can Learn from Christiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo. The name likely rings a bell, considering his great soccer achievement as striker/center forward for Real Madrid. What he has also been able to “score”, though, is the interest of the public. Ronaldo has a composite 133 million Instagram followers, 74.4 million Twitter followers, and 120 million Facebook followers. These are beyond impressive numbers. Ronaldo’s thoroughly crafted social media presence helps build and keep his following. Due to this ever-growing popularity, Cristiano has been able to warp his soccer career into multiple sponsorships and job opportunities. Christiano is THE soccer superstar from Real Madrid. He is the attractive humanitarian admired by soccer fans and non-soccer fans alike and a stellar example of building your brand and the benefits of doing so.

The key to developing a personal brand? It’s all about marketing an individual as the incredible product that they are. Consider the three V’s that come into play with personal branding: Value, Variation, and Velocity.



Value is exactly what it sounds like. If you want to build your personal brand, you want to be perceived as a person of value. In Ronaldo’s case, not only is he an incredible athlete, but he is also a charitable and well-traveled individual, devoted to his partner and family. Ronaldo received 19,000 retweets on a photo of him and his family enjoying each other’s company for a candid “Good Morning” tweet.

Defining what the public deems valuable means research; however, some things (charity work, for example) receive almost universally favorable feedback. Ronaldo’s photo on Instagram supporting “World Blood Donor Day” acquired over 3.3 million likes. His tweet about the Rohingya refugee situation highlighted not only his interest in “saving the children” but his involvement in world matters. This tweet received 21,000 retweets.


Variation is vital in our increasingly attention-dwindling society. This means, along with your main identity (soccer in Ronaldo’s case), you also need to keep things fresh and well-rounded to display that YOU are fresh and well-rounded. Along with attractive posts and photos highlighting your primary skill/attribute, include various facets of your life. This can be family or anything else unique that contributes to who you are and why you’re “not like the other (athletes/entrepreneurs/artists)”. Ronaldo does a great job of this by including glimpses of his interest in exploring the world, fashion modeling, and being with his loved ones.


Velocity is arguably the most crucial component when it comes to building your brand. It is how you keep yourself in the forefront of the public’s mind. Photos, videos, tweets, and posts being uploaded at a high velocity means an enhanced social media presence.

Ronaldo Cristiano has a whopping 2,296 posts on Instagram (an ever-growing number) along with hundreds of Tweets/Facebook posts. This is a visual representation of how he provides the public with daily doses of his personal brand.


In addition to his great social media presence, Cristiano has also taken steps to be featured on various talk shows and even has his own film with the fitting name, “Ronaldo”. With each public appearance, the three V’s are utilized and he is lifted in popularity.

How is an individual to stay on top of all of this? That is where we come into play. FL+G is here to help you grow your following, develop a personal brand that resonates with the public, and open the door to new and lucrative opportunities. Contact us today for more information on our personal branding packages! 



Social Media - The Importance of Providing Value, Distinguishing Yourself, and Creating A Virtual Community

Social media has taken the world by storm. We live in an age where having a social
media profile is no longer a choice. It’s a must. Online branding and personas are no longer
limited to large businesses and companies, rather every single representative - be it a
representative for oneself or a representative for a larger group - is required to have an online