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SIXINCH Furniture Makes a Splash at Denver Design Week


In October 2018, FL+G Agency was proud to showcase our client SIXINCH® North America’s furniture at a brand activation event at Denver Design Week. The event featured a panel of guests including SIXINCH’s Josh Taylor, our own Brian Rogers, Becky Mickletz of Remickz Marketing, and Brandy Sachen of Sofar Sounds Denver. The panel utilized SIXINCH’s colorful and funky furniture for the event, and audience members were encouraged to interact with the pieces following the panel.

The Denver audience was very receptive and interested in Josh’s extensive media background. He was able to discuss elements of digital media including videography, design concepts, copywriting, brand awareness, omni-channel marketing campaigns, and how these pieces have created the SIXINCH® North America brand. The crowd was very engaged with Josh regarding his company’s logo and design decisions, and in the Q&A, there were a lot of burning questions about his brand. It was a great opportunity to educate the Denver community on SIXINCH® North America while elevating Josh’s personal brand as an expert in his field. He shared his company's current goals for Denver, and and how he envisions his furniture’s presence in the Mile High market. It was also a great opportunity for everyone on the panel to network with design driven individuals, including interior designers and business owners (many of whom were actively interested in SIXINCH® North America’s catalogue of products).

Since SIXINCH® North America creates fun and imaginative pieces, FL+G sees their Denver presence expanding in many areas, including the live music venue, music festival, and nightlife spaces. We look forward to seeing the SIXINCH® brand grow across the country and truly anticipate them making a real splash in the Denver design world.  

You can learn more about our client SIXINCH® North America here and see more about the services our agency offers at this link.