Taking the first steps to begin building your personal brand can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help get you started:


Identify your Aptitudes

Everyone has gifts and strengths; the key is finding yours. What is your passion? In what area(s) do you excel? What is “your thing” - the thing that you wish to have attached to your name? If you find you are having trouble, ask people whom you respect what they deem to be your greatest asset.

The public enjoys someone with whom they are able to identify. What are some of the unique things that define you? This can be as simple as your interest in health food, or as obscure as your participation in competitive Chessboxing. Connecting with the public is incredibly important as you proliferate your brand.  


Build Yourself ~ Build your Brand

Consistently making advancements in your area of interest means that you are not only developing yourself, but you are modeling an individual perpetually striving for more. Doing this will draw public interest. Successful people are constantly looking to improve themselves. Stagnation is highly counterproductive for anyone who wishes to enhance their personal brand.


Share, Share, Share!

Place yourself in mass-circulation! This can be done by uploading plenty of online content. Whether it be photos, videos, tweets, or any other medium, the priority is getting your name out there. The more you pop up (either by post or word of mouth) the greater your chances of reaching a broader audience. This expansion is vital for continued growth and visibility. Keep sharing media/written content of you doing your thing along with promoting all the qualities that make you unique and relatable.


Evaluate and Re-Evaluate

Which of your posts have received positive feedback, i.e. more likes/positive comments/shares? Which have received negative feedback? Why? By taking time to analyze how each facet of your online presence is perceived, you can better assess in which direction you need to be pushing your personal brand.


Keeping all that in mind, getting started begins with you... Identifying, Building, Sharing, and Evaluating. FL+G is here to help the process and to provide the additional assistance needed to promote the optimal version of yourself. Reach out today and let us help you build your personal brand!