A New Year’s resolution can be more stressful than empowering, especially when the resolution involves your business. In both personal and professional life, many of us start out our years with a vast, seemingly unreachable resolution. A new year brings high hopes, and we often lose sight of the attainable. While having large goals to strive towards is a great motivator, focusing solely on massive resolutions can be discouraging rather than motivating. Major, longterm goals are achieved by achieving a series of small resolutions. Your 2018 business resolution should act as a stepping stone towards your larger business goals. To ensure success, pick resolutions that are actually attainable - if you achieve your resolution ahead of time, you can always make another! To help you out, we have compiled some of the most popular and helpful business resolutions that you could adopt in 2018. 


1) Maintain a Network

Promoting your business effectively and efficiently is key to its success. However, promotions and marketing can seem daunting and expensive. While professional marketing will likely be necessary down the road, start promoting your business within your personal network. This doesn’t mean just bringing it up at your birthday dinner. Cultivate your network. Reach out to new and lost connections. Request them on LinkedIn or Instagram. Add your network to your social networks, and use your personal platform to promote your business on a regular basis. 

Simple additions to what you share with your network can make a huge difference. Tag your office space on an Instagram post, repost a blog your business published on LinkedIn, or post a picture of you and your team on Facebook. These little promotions within your network will reach individuals with personal connections to your business, and will keep you in mind for future services. 

Larger Resolution: Promote Your Business Regularly


2) Survey

Many businesses fall into the trap of thinking their business is foolproof and solving an important need, and it is this fault that leads many businesses to put an unintentional cap on their growth. In order to grow and succeed, your business must be able to achieve sustainable growth. It must be able to appeal to audiences over time, and must understand how and when to adapt to change. While this sounds difficult, a simple survey reviewing the past year of services - the good and the bad - as well as hopes for the next year can give you a deeper insight into the wants and needs of your client base. 

No one is a mindreader, use survey tools such as Typeform to help you gain helpful insights into your client base.

Larger Resolution: Sustainable Growth


3) Clear Clutter

It is hard to be productive in a room full of clutter. Cluttered desks and walls distract an already busy mind from the tasks at hand. Each pile of stuff and stack of clutter will distract your mind from necessary tasks. Digital clutter can have the same effect as well. Clear and organize your desktop and folders, and get rid of useless or duplicated items. Free up some space both on your computer and in your attention span.

Take a giant leap towards improved focus and productivity by clearing out junk and organizing papers in a neat filing system (visit the Container Store!). Use Dropbox or  Google Drive to help you organize your virtual stuff. 

Larger Resolutions: Focus & Productivity


4) Automate

Once your business is off the ground, it is nearly impossible for you to do everything on your own. In order to continue growing, you’re going to have to delegate tasks to others. While this may seem simple at first (everyone wants to delegate that ‘boring job’), delegating will get harder as you have to begin delegating tasks that you are fond of doing yourself. 

A good way to start delegating this year is through automation. Whether you’re automating e-mails, social media, or even payroll, automating tasks that you still had a hand in creating is a great way to take a step back and get used to delegating important tasks. Tools such as Hootsuite, Mailchimp, and Intuit Online Payroll to help you automate, delegate, and free up time.

Larger Resolution: Delegate


5) Achieve Resolutions

One of the most important business resolutions of 2018 is to actually keep your 2018 resolutions. Many businesses begin to fall off the bandwagon as early as January, with many businesses continuing to get off track as the year progresses. Typically resolutions are chosen as a means to strengthen weaknesses, so it makes sense that achieving them can be a daunting task. Plus, once you’ve become derailed, its even harder to start back up again. But if you want 2018 to be the year that your business achieves its goals and strengthens its weaknesses, then you should start by achieving your resolutions. 

Use your 2018 goals to center you and to provide guidance throughout the year. Keep a list of your 2018 resolutions available, and check it periodically throughout the year. Let your resolutions inspire you, rather than hinder you. 

Larger Resolution: Achieve Goals and Strengthen Weaknesses


Take time in 2018 to identify your business needs and pick resolutions that are best for your business. With all the hype around New Year’s Resolutions, it’s no wonder many of us shy away from them or drop them at the first sign of adversity. It’s ok to fall off the bandwagon for a bit, but it’s important that you get back on. Use your resolutions to inspire your business throughout the year, and continue referencing them to help you stay on track. Stay tuned for more posts on how to identify weaknesses and how to choose the best resolutions for your business!

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