2018 is a new year, which means it’s time to figure out your first quarter marketing strategy. Your ‘great product’ means nothing without great sales, and great sales are a result of great marketing. Creating a solid marketing strategy from the get go will set you up for major success in the following year. With everyone adopting new year resolutions, and reflecting on their past year, early January is a great time to snag new clients who are looking for something new.

However, developing sales and marketing strategies for the next year shouldn't start January 1st. If you wait until the new year, you are already behind. Start planning out your marketing strategy now, so that you are ready to run with it once the new year begins. Be ready ahead of time so you can be the early bird that snags the new year worms. To get started, write a list of clear, well-defined business goals. Relying on vague business goals will lead to confused and imprecise marketing strategies. Outline your top ten goals for the following year, and make sure to include specifics such as numbers and amounts.

“In the next year we want 10,000 unique website views, 20 paying customers, and $500,000 in revenue.”

With these specific goals in mind, marketing strategists will know which unique strategies to employ in order to achieve your goals. Specific goals greatly increase the success of a marketing strategy.

To further increase the success of your marketing strategy, make sure you have a clear target audience in mind. While you are sure to reach individuals outside of your target audience, honing in on one specific group allows for more direct, relevant marketing strategies. Once your target audience has been reached in a meaningful, impactful way, members of the target group will begin referring you to customers outside your target audience. Use marketing strategies to reach a specific audience in a meaningful way, and referrals will soon follow. Stretching your marketing strategy too broadly will result in wider reach, but fewer follow throughs. Make an impact.

Now that you have decided on your top goals and target audience, you may begin actually developing a marketing strategy. However, marketing strategy is broad and can be extremely confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. With social media, traditional print marketing, influencers, video, and everything else, marketing strategy is hard to grasp.

Here at FL+G, we take your goals and desired target audience into account, and we develop a personalized strategy to help you grow your business. If you are unhappy with how you performed last year, or even if you did well but know you can do better, please reach out and we would love to develop and execute a meaningful marketing strategy for your new year.